Santa Rosa Beach Wood Refinishing

Think back….your doors were absolutely beautiful when you had them installed. They had a great look, with a smooth even tone and luster. Fast-forward a year or two, and they look horrendous. What happened? UV exposure. The clear coat they once had on them, chewed up by the sun. After the clear  coat was eaten away, then the stain was attacked, until the wood itself is being weathered by the elements. Don’t wait until it gets to that point.Wood Refinishing And don’t run down to the nearest big box store and grab a can of cheap varnish to do it yourself. Trust us. You’ll be back out there in a couple months repeating the process. Refinishing wood surfaces, doors especially, is an art. It takes lots of practice. Thankfully, Accurate Painting of NWFL is highly experienced in the art of wood refinishing. We can finish new or existing doors in the Destin, Niceville, and Panama City Beach areas. We are the restoration experts. Call us. You’ll be glad you did.